PhoenixDs Schülerprojektwerkstatt präsentiert sich auf der Maker Faire 2023 in Hannover

PhoenixD's pupils project workshop presents his work at the Maker Faire 2023 in Hannover

Ein Mann zeigt einer Frau ein Experiment Ein Mann zeigt einer Frau ein Experiment Ein Mann zeigt einer Frau ein Experiment
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At the Maker Faire, Lower Saxony's Minister of Education Julia Willie Hamburg (left) learned about the low-tech experiments developed at Leibniz University Hannover for use in the classroom from Oliver Burmeister, head of the Leibniz Lab of Optics and Photonics.

Around 14,200 participants attended the 9th Maker Faire at the Hannover Congress Centrum on 19 and 20 August and learnt about creative do-it-yourself projects from about 1.000 exhibitors. The Leibniz Lab of Optics and Photonics (LLOOP), in which the two clusters of excellence PhoenixD and Quantumfrontiers, as well as the collaborative research centre DQ-mat bundle their educational offers for pupils presented an experiment. At the LLOOP stand, Lower Saxony's Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs Julia Willie Hamburg informed herself about the low-cost experiments developed at Leibniz University Hannover for use in the classroom.

"In cooperation with the University of Münster, we have developed low-cost experiments from the 3D printer that make it possible to experience modern physics in school lessons," says Oliver Burmeister, head of the Leibniz Lab of Optics and Photonics and the PhoenixD student project workshop Protoys. 

His team gave visitors an insight into optics at the joint stand of hannoverimpuls stand and showed a Michelson interferometer. With the help of such an instrument, scientists once proved that the speed of light is the same in every reference frame. This insight makes the Michelson-Morley experiment one of the most famous experiments in the history of physics. Albert Einstein also used the findings as a fundamental assumption for his special theory of relativity.

The Maker Faire is an annual fair presented by the German-language Make magazine. At the fair, tinkerers and inventors presented countless do-it-yourself ideas and projects. Topics included 3D printing, coding, cosplay, electronics, handicrafts, hardware hacking, Internet of Things, laser cutters, Lego, model making, sustainability, Raspberry Pi, robotics, smart home, steampunk, and upcycling.

According to a press release by the Heise Group, which publishes Make magazine, some exhibitors had travelled from Spain, Austria, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and the USA. Among the speakers at the Maker Faire was Briton Eben Upton, considered the "father of the Raspberry Pi" (Raspi). The Raspi single-board computer can be a perfect tool for getting even the youngest children into programming and is thus the ideal device for STEM education.

 According to the press release, at the Teachers' Day, parallel to the Maker Faire, teachers learnt how to integrate such Raspi projects into everyday school life. A cooperation of Make Magazine with the Hannover Region and the Lower Saxony State Institute for Quality Development in Schools (NLQ) organised the Teachers' Day. Teachers from all over Germany took part in the event.

The Maker Faire Hannover is under the patronage of the Federal Minister of Education, Bettina Stark-Watzinger; ambassadors are Falko Mohrs, Minister of Science and Culture, and Steffen Krach, President of the Hannover Region. Lower Saxony's Minister of Education and Culture Julia Willie Hamburg opened this year's event.

You can find the lecture programme of the Maker Faire 2023 hereYou can find a photo gallery of the event here and watch a video hereDid you miss the Maker Faire 2023? Then note the date for next year: 24 and 25 August 2024.

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