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Publications in the Framework of the Cluster of Excellence PhoenixD

The research performance of the PhoenixD Cluster of Excellence is reflected in the numerous publications that have been published since 2019. A continuously updated overview can be found on this page. You can search for publications in external publication platforms with the identification number (Project ID) 390833453 and EXC-2122.

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McCauley, J., Jupé, M., Zhang, J., Wienke, A., & Ristau, D. (2023). Reduction of nanoparticles in optical thin films through ion etching. Applied optics, 62(7), B117-B125.
Melchert, O., Willms, S., Babushkin, I., Morgner, U., & Demircan, A. (2023). (Invited) Two-color soliton meta-atoms and molecules. OPTIK, 280, Article 170772.
Melchert, O., Babushkin, I., Morgner, U., & Demircan, A. (2023). Loading and unloading a time cavity moving at the speed of light. In 2023 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, CLEO 2023 Article STh3F.6 (Quantum Electronics and Laser Science). Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc..
Melchert, O., Willms, S., Oreshnikov, I., Yulin, A., Morgner, U., Babushkin, I., & Demircan, A. (2023). Resonant Kushi-comb-like multi-frequency radiation of oscillating two-color soliton molecules. New journal of physics, 25(1), Article 013003.
Melchert, O., Kinnewig, S., Dencker, F., Perevoznik, D., Willms, S., Babushkin, I., Wurz, M., Kues, M., Beuchler, S., Wick, T., Morgner, U., & Demircan, A. (2023). Soliton compression and supercontinuum spectra in nonlinear diamond photonics. Diamond and Related Materials, 136, Article 109939.,
Melchert, O., Bose, S., Willms, S., Babushkin, I., Morgner, U., & Demircan, A. (2023). Two-color pulse compounds in waveguides with a zero-nonlinearity point. Optics letters, 48(2), 518-521.,
Melchert, O., Bose, S., Willms, S., Babushkin, I., Morgner, U., & Demircan, A. (2023). Two-frequency pulse compounds in presence of a zero-nonlinearity point. In 2023 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics Europe and European Quantum Electronics Conference: CLEO/Europe-EQEC Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc..
Melchert, O., Bose, S., Willms, S., Babushkin, I., Morgner, U., & Demircan, A. (2023). Two-frequency pulse compounds in waveguides with single zero-dispersion and zero-nonlinearity points. In 2023 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO) Article FTu4B.4 (Quantum Electronics and Laser Science ). Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc..
Mortazavi, B., Shojaei, F., Ding, F., & Zhuang, X. (2023). Anomalous tensile strength and thermal expansion, and low thermal conductivity in wide band gap boron monoxide monolayer. FlatChem, 42, Article 100575.,
Mortazavi, B., Shojaei, F., & Zhuang, X. (2023). A novel two-dimensional C36 fullerene network; an isotropic, auxetic semiconductor with low thermal conductivity and remarkable stiffness. Materials Today Nano, 21, Article 100280.
Mortazavi, B. (2023). A Theoretical Investigation of the Structural, Electronic and Mechanical Properties of Pristine and Nitrogen-Terminated Carbon Nanoribbons Composed of 4–5–6–8-Membered Rings. Journal of Composites Science, 7(7), Article 269.
Mortazavi, B., Zhuang, X., Rabczuk, T., & Shapeev, A. V. (2023). Atomistic modeling of the mechanical properties: the rise of machine learning interatomic potentials. Materials Horizons, 10(6), 1956-1968.
Mortazavi, B. (2023). Electronic, Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Carbon and Boron Nitride Holey Graphyne Monolayers. MATERIALS, 16(20), Article 6642.
Mortazavi, B. (2023). First Theoretical Realization of a Stable Two-Dimensional Boron Fullerene Network. Applied Sciences (Switzerland), 13(3), Article 1672.
Mortazavi, B., Rémond, Y., Fang, H., Rabczuk, T., & Zhuang, X. (2023). Hexagonal boron-carbon fullerene heterostructures: Stable two-dimensional semiconductors with remarkable stiffness, low thermal conductivity and flat bands. Materials Today Communications, 36, Article 106856.,
Mortazavi, B. (2023). Structural, electronic, thermal and mechanical properties of C60-based fullerene two-dimensional networks explored by first-principles and machine learning. CARBON, 213, Article 118293.,
Mosel, P., Düsing, J., Johannesmeier, S., Patzlaff-Günther, M., Fröhlich, S., Mapa, J., Kalies, S., Bahlmann, J., Püster, T., Vahlbruch, J., Dittmar, G., Merdji, H., Fajardo, M., Trabattoni, A., Heisterkamp, A., Morgner, U., & Kovacev, M. (2023). X-ray generation by fs-laser processing of biological material. Biomedical optics express, 14(11), 5656-5669.
Müller, E., Adamscheck, M., Fischer, E. C., Glukhovskoy, A., Prediger, M. S., Dencker, F., & Wurz, M. (Accepted/in press). Manufacturing of a Reluctance Actuator for Use as a Hearing Implant in the Middle Ear. Poster session presented at MikroSystemTechnik Kongress 2023, Dresden, Germany.
Nair, R. R., Schaate, A., Klepzig, L. F., Turcios, A. E., Lecinski, J., Shamsuyeva, M., Endres, H. J., Papenbrock, J., Behrens, P., & Weichgrebe, D. (2023). Physico-chemical characterization of walnut shell biochar from uncontrolled pyrolysis in a garden oven and surface modification by ex-situ chemical magnetization. Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy, 25(8), 2727-2746.
Nair, R. R., Kißling, P. A., Schaate, A., Marchanka, A., Shamsuyeva, M., Behrens, P., & Weichgrebe, D. (2023). The influence of sample mass (scaling effect) on the synthesis and structure of non-graphitizing carbon (biochar) during the analytical pyrolysis of biomass. RSC Advances, 13(20), 13526-13539.