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Publications in the Framework of the Cluster of Excellence PhoenixD

The research performance of the PhoenixD Cluster of Excellence is reflected in the numerous publications that have been published since 2019. A continuously updated overview can be found on this page. You can search for publications in external publication platforms with the identification number (Project ID) 390833453 and EXC-2122.

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Schröder, J., & Wick, T. (2020). Preface GAMM Mitteilungen. GAMM Mitteilungen, 43(2), Article e202000010.
Schröder, J., & Wick, T. (2020). Preface GAMM Mitteilungen. GAMM Mitteilungen, 43(1), Article e202000006.
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Zámbó, D., Schlosser, A., Rusch, P., Lübkemann, F., Koch, J., Pfnür, H., & Bigall, N. C. (2020). A Versatile Route to Assemble Semiconductor Nanoparticles into Functional Aerogels by Means of Trivalent Cations. Small, 16(16), Article 1906934.
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