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Three and a half years after the launch of the Cluster of Excellence PhoenixD (Photonics, Optics, and Engineering - Innovation Across Disciplines), the more than 120 scientists provide insights into their work: The "PhoenxiD Magazine - News from the German Cluster of Excellence on Optics and Photonics" reports on the research of the Cluster members, the planned OPTICUM - Optics University Center and Campus, and the new bachelor's degree programme. The PhoenixD Executive Board explains its plans and two advisory board members talk about expected further developments of this crucial technology.

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The Cluster of Excellence PhoenixD (Photonics, Optics, and Engineering - Innovation Across Disciplines) with its interdisciplinary network supports young scientists in their doctoral studies in one of the key technologies of the 21st century: optical technologies. During the structured, multi-year PhD programme at PhoenixD Research School, researchers acquire not only specialized knowledge but also job-related key competencies. This qualifies them for a professional career in science as well as in industry. Applications for the PhoenixD Research School are possible at any time of the year without a deadline.

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Light is more than just a material. It is also a tool and an essential enabler for numerous digital applications. Whether smartphone cameras, online streaming via optical fibre, laser welding of car bodies and 3D imaging in medicine – optical technologies (light-based technologies) make our everyday digital life possible. During the "November of Science 2021" (#knowember) in Hannover (Germany) three researchers of PhoenixD – Dr. Reinhard Caspary, Dr. Marc-André Dittrich and Dr. Alexander Wolf – held a PhoenixD talk. They explain why developing this technology can only be accomplished with an interdisciplinary approach. 

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In the Cluster of Excellence PhoenixD more than 120 physicists, mechanical engineers, chemists, electrical engineers, computer scientists and mathematicians work together in the field of optical technologies. Photonics is one of the key technologies of our century: Optical glass fibres are the backbone of the Internet and mobile networks. Optical sensors and high-resolution cameras are necessary for autonomous driving, and lasers are replacing the scalpel in medical technology. PhoenixD is exploring the possibilities of digitalization for novel optical systems as well as their production and application.

More than 120 scientists form the Cluster of Excellence.