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Publications in the Framework of the Cluster of Excellence PhoenixD

The research performance of the PhoenixD Cluster of Excellence is reflected in the numerous publications that have been published since 2019. A continuously updated overview can be found on this page. You can search for publications in external publication platforms with the identification number (Project ID) 390833453 and EXC-2122.

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Bühre, L. V., Bullerdiek, S., Trinke, P., Bensmann, B., Deutsch, A. L. E. R., Behrens, P., & Hanke-Rauschenbach, R. (2022). Application and Analysis of a Salt Bridge Reference Electrode Setup for PEM Water Electrolysis: Towards an Extended Voltage Loss Break Down. Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 169(12), [124513].
Chazette, L., Brunotte, W., & Speith, T. (2022). Explainable Software Systems: From Requirements Analysis to System Evaluation. Requirements Engineering, 27(4), 457-487.
Christ, H. A., Ang, P. Y., Li, F., Johannes, H. H., Kowalsky, W., & Menzel, H. (2022). Production of highly aligned microfiber bundles from polymethyl methacrylate via stable jet electrospinning for organic solid-state lasers. Journal of Polymer Science, 60(4), 715-725.
Dai, Z., Wolf, A., Ley, P. P., Glück, T., Sundermeier, M. C., & Lachmayer, R. (2022). Requirements for Automotive LiDAR Systems. Sensors, 22(19), [7532].
Doll-Nikutta, K., Winkel, A., Yang, I., Grote, A. J., Meier, N., Habib, M., Menzel, H., Behrens, P., & Stiesch, M. (2022). Adhesion Forces of Oral Bacteria to Titanium and the Correlation with Biophysical Cellular Characteristics. Bioengineering, 9(10), [567].
Faustmann, M., Melenk, J. M., & Parvizi, M. (2022). Caccioppoli-type estimates and H -matrix approximations to inverses for FEM-BEM couplings. Numerische Mathematik, 150(3), 849-892.,
Faustmann, M., Melenk, J. M., & Parvizi, M. (2022). H -matrix approximability of inverses of FEM matrices for the time-harmonic Maxwell equations. Advances in Computational Mathematics, 48(5), [59].,
Fedorov Kukk, A., Wu, D., Gaffal, E., Panzer, R., Emmert, S., & Roth, B. (2022). Multimodal system for optical biopsy of melanoma with integrated ultrasound, optical coherence tomography and Raman spectroscopy. Journal of Biophotonics, 15(10), [e202200129].
Fedorov Kukk, A., Blumenröther, E., & Roth, B. (2022). Self-made transparent optoacoustic detector for measurement of skin lesion thickness in vivo. Biomedical Physics and Engineering Express, 8(3), [035029].
Fricke, S., Caspary, R., Castillo, S., & Magnor, M. (2022). Adaptive Gaussian Points for Faster and Better Computer-Generated Holograms. In Digital Holography and Three-Dimensional Imaging, DH 2022 [W3A.4] (Optics InfoBase Conference Papers). Optica Publishing Group (formerly OSA).
Fricke, S., Caspary, R., Castillo, S., & Magnor, M. (2022). GPU-Accelerated Point-Based Holograms. In Frontiers in Optics + Laser Science: FiO 2022 [JW4B.53] (Technical Digest Series; No. paper JW4B.53). Optica Publishing Group (formerly OSA).
Godin, T., Sader, L., Khodadad Kashi, A., Hanzard, P. H., Hideur, A., Moss, D. J., Morandotti, R., Genty, G., Dudley, J. M., Pasquazi, A., Kues, M., & Wetzel, B. (2022). Recent advances on time-stretch dispersive Fourier transform and its applications. Advances in Physics: X, 7(1), [2067487].
Graf, R. T., Schlosser, A., Zámbó, D., Schlenkrich, J., Rusch, P., Chatterjee, A., Pfnür, H., & Bigall, N. C. (2022). Interparticle Distance Variation in Semiconductor Nanoplatelet Stacks. Advanced functional materials, 32(24), [2112621].
Günther, A., Baran, M., Garg, R., Roth, B., & Kowalsky, W. (2022). Analysis of the thermal behavior of self-written waveguides. Optics and lasers in engineering, 151, [106922].
Günther, A., Kushwaha, K., Baran, M., Rüsseler, A. K., Carstens, F., Ristau, D., Kowalsky, W., & Roth, B. (2022). Self-written waveguides as low-loss interconnections and sensing elements. In S. M. Garcia-Blanco, & P. Cheben (Eds.), Integrated Optics: Devices, Materials, and Technologies XXVI [1200412] (Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering; Vol. 12004). SPIE.
Günther, A., Korat, D., Kapadia, K., Roth, B., & Kowalsky, W. (2022). VCSELs as highly sensitive stand-alone distance sensors. In C. Lei, K. D. Choquette, & L. A. Graham (Eds.), Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers XXVI [120200H] (Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering; Vol. 12020). SPIE.
Haldar, R., Mahmudlu, H., Johanning, R., Kashi, A. K., van Rees, A., Epping, J. P., Boller, K. J., & Kues, M. (2022). Fully On-chip Electrically-pumped Laser-integrated Two and High-dimensional Entangled Photon Pair Source. In Proceedings Frontiers in Optics + Laser Science 2022 (FIO, LS) [FTh3E.6] Optica Publishing Group (formerly OSA).
Hao, Z-X., Haase, T., Jin, H-B., Tao, Y-Z., Wanner, G., Wu, R-X., & Wu, Y-L. (2022). Spot size estimation of flat-top beams in space-based gravitational wave detectors. International Journal of Modern Physics D, 32(1), [2250134].,
Hartig, M-S. (2022). Tilt-To-Length Coupling in LISA Pathfinder: Model, Data Analysis and Take-Away Messages for LISA. [Doctoral thesis, Leibniz University Hannover]. Leibniz Universität Hannover.
He, L., Guo, HW., Jin, Y., Zhuang, XY., Rabczuk, T., & Li, Y. (2022). Machine-learning-driven on-demand design of phononic beams. Science China: Physics, Mechanics and Astronomy, 65(1), [214612].

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