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Publications in the Framework of the Cluster of Excellence PhoenixD

The research performance of the PhoenixD Cluster of Excellence is reflected in the numerous publications that have been published since 2019. A continuously updated overview can be found on this page. You can search for publications in external publication platforms with the identification number (Project ID) 390833453 and EXC-2122.

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Spelthann, S., Thiem, J., Melchert, O., Komban, R., Gimmler, C., Demicran, A., Ruehl, A., & Ristau, D. (2023). Predicting the Excitation Dynamics in Lanthanide Nanoparticles. Advanced optical materials, 11(14), [2300096].
Stephan, R., Scharf, E., Zolnacz, K., Hausmann, K., Ließmann, M., Kötters, L., Ristau, D., Czarske, J., Kuschmierz, R., & Steinke, M. (2023). Aperiodic multi-core fibers for lens-less endoscopy. In I. Gannot, I. Gannot, & K. Roodenko (Eds.), Optical Fibers and Sensors for Medical Diagnostics, Treatment and Environmental Applications XXIII [1237208] (Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE; Vol. 12372). SPIE.
Treger, M., Hannebauer, A., Behrens, P., & Schneider, A. M. (2023). Development of high refractive index UiO-66 framework derivatives via ligand halogenation. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 25(22), 15391-15399 .
Treger, M., König, C., Behrens, P., & Schneider, A. (2023). Fragment-based approach for the efficient calculation of the refractive index of metal-organic frameworks. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 25(28), 19013–19023.
Treger, M., Hannebauer, A., Schaate, A., Budde, J. L., Behrens, P., & Schneider, A. M. (2023). Tuning the optical properties of the metal-organic framework UiO-66 via ligand functionalization. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 25(8), 6333-6341.
Tuz, V. R., Prokhorov, A. V., Shesterikov, A. V., Volkov, V. S., Chichkov, B. N., & Evlyukhin, A. B. (2023). Magnetic-Electric Metamirror and Polarizing Beam Splitter Composed of Anisotropic Nanoparticles. Annalen der Physik, 535(9), [2300111].
Vaičaitis, V., Balachninaitė, O., Matijošius, A., Babushkin, I., & Morgner, U. (2023). Direct time-resolved plasma characterization with broadband terahertz light pulses. Physical Review E, 107(1), [015201].
Wetzel, C., & Roth, B. (2023). Raman-based analysis and structural differentiation of potentially harmful algae and cyanobacteria. In A. Tarnok, & J. P. Houston (Eds.), Imaging, Manipulation, and Analysis of Biomolecules, Cells, and Tissues XXI [123830C] (Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE; Vol. 12383). SPIE.
Wetzel, C., Jansen-Olliges, L., Zeilinger, C., Surup, F., Stadler, M., & Roth, B. (2023). Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy based analysis of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein binding to ACE2 receptor. In A. Tarnok, & J. P. Houston (Eds.), Imaging, Manipulation, and Analysis of Biomolecules, Cells, and Tissues XXI [123830B] (Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE; Vol. 12383). SPIE.
Willms, S., Melchert, O., Bose, S., Babushkin, I., Morgner, U., & Demircan, A. (2023). Photonic molecule state transition by collision. Optics letters, 48(14), 3749-3752.
Wolf, A. G. (2023). Integrated Optical Deformation Measurement with TIR Prism Rods. Sensors, 23(2), [943].
Wriggers, P. (2023). A locking free virtual element formulation for Timoshenko beams. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, [116234].
Wu, D., Fedorov Kukk, A., & Roth, B. (2023). Detection of Cutaneous Melanin based on Raman Spectroscopy with Optical Coherence Tomography Localization. In R. R. Alfano, & A. B. Seddon (Eds.), Optical Biopsy XXI: Toward Real-Time Spectroscopic Imaging and Diagnosis [1237309] (Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE; Vol. 12373). SPIE.
Wu, D., Kukk, A. F., & Roth, B. (2023). Detection of melanin influence on skin samples based on Raman spectroscopy and optical coherence tomography dual-modal approach. Journal of biophotonics, 16(8), [e202300080].
Wu, J., Grabe, T., Götz, J-L., Trapp, J., Souza, A. S. D., Biermann, T., Wolf, A., Ley, P-P., Duan, K., Lachmayer, R., & Ren, W. (2023). Linear scalability of dense-pattern Herriott-type multipass cell design. Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics, 129(6), [87].
Wu, Y., Zhang, C., Wang, C., Rabczuk, T., Zhu, P., Zhao, P., Wang, L., Zhuang, X., Zhang, J., & Fang, H. (2023). The micro response mechanisms of foamed polymer rehabilitation material under compression: From a closed cell view. Polymer testing, 124, [108082].
Wurst, K. M., Strolka, O., Hiller, J., Keck, J., Meixner, A. J., Lauth, J., & Scheele, M. (2023). Electronic Structure of Colloidal 2H-MoS2 Mono and Bilayers Determined by Spectroelectrochemistry. SMALL, 19(23), [2207101].
Zangenehzadeh, S., Agócs, E., Jivani, H., Könemund, L., Neumann, L., Hirschberg, F., Herdan, S., Biedendieck, R., Jahn, D., Roth, B. W., Johannes, H. H., & Kowalsky, W. (2023). Bacteria detection in a Kretschmann geometry flow cell at a plasmon-enhanced interface with spectroscopic ellipsometer. THIN SOLID FILMS, 764, [139583].
Zhang, C., Zhang, Y., Xia, Y., Fang, H., Zhao, P., Wang, C., Bin Li, L., Pan, Y., Zou, Z., Rabczuk, T., & Zhuang, X. (2023). Risk assessment and optimization of supporting structure for a new recyclable pipe jacking shaft during excavation process. Process Safety and Environmental Protection, 172, 211-224.
Zheng, L., Günther, A., Caspary, R., Kowalsky, W., & Roth, B. (2023). Integration of UV-nanoimprint lithography with two-photon polymerization for scalable production. In G. von Freymann, E. Blasco, & D. Chanda (Eds.), Advanced Fabrication Technologies for Micro/Nano Optics and Photonics XVI [124330G] (Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering; Vol. 12433). SPIE.

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