Controlling the temporal trajectory of solitons in silver nanoparticle doped fibre

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Surajit Bose, Günter Steinmeyer, Uwe Morgner, Ayhan Demircan

Silver nanoparticle doped photonic crystal fibres (SNPCF) exhibit negative Kerr nonlinearity over certain wavelength ranges [1]. At some specific wavelength, the nonlinearity vanishes representing a zero-nonlinearity (ZN) point, allowing for new propagation dynamics of solitons due to controllable interaction of dispersion and nonlinearity [2]. Here we show that the presence of a ZN point significantly influences the temporal trajectory of a soliton during the process of supercontinuum (SC) generation. The input pulse launched in the anomalous dispersion domain but with negative nonlinearity, close to zero dispersion wavelength (ZDW), generates bright solitons exhibiting complex acceleration, deceleration, and shaping behaviour, due to Raman effect, nonlinear dispersion and the four-wave mixing interaction processes. We study the variations of dynamics for different ZN points demonstrating the efficient control of soliton trajectories.

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Max Born Institute for Nonlinear Optics and Short Pulse Spectroscopy im Forschungsbund Berlin e.V. (MBI)
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