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Requirements for Automotive LiDAR Systems

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Zhuoqun Dai, Alexander Wolf, Peer Phillip Ley, Tobias Glück, Max Caspar Sundermeier, Roland Lachmayer

Light detection and ranging (LiDAR) are fundamental sensors that help driving tasks for autonomous driving at various levels. Commercially available systems come in different specialized design schemes and involve plenty of specifications. In the literature, there are insufficient representations of the technical requirements for LiDAR systems in the automotive context, such as range, detection quality, resolving power, field of view, and eye safety. For this reason, the requirements above require to be derived based on ADAS functions. The requirements for various key LiDAR metrics, including detection range, field of view, angular resolution, and laser safety, are analyzed in this paper. LiDAR systems are available with various radiation patterns that significantly impact on detection range. Therefore, the detection range under various radiation patterns is firstly investigated in this paper. Based on ADAS functions, the required detection range and field of view for LiDAR systems are examined, taking into account various travel speeds to avoid collision and the coverage of the entire lane width. Furthermore, the angular resolution limits are obtained utilizing the KITTI dataset and exemplary 3D detection algorithms. Finally, the maximum detection ranges for the different radiation patterns are compared under the consideration of derived requirements and laser safety.

Institute of Motion Engineering and Mechanism Design
PhoenixD: Photonics, Optics, and Engineering - Innovation Across Disciplines
Digital Optical Systems (DOS)
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