Latency optimization of magnetic actuator for optics manufacturing

authored by
Berend Denkena, Heinrich Klemme, Jingcai Zhang

Active magnetic bearings can potentially be used for linear guidance of machine components. However, their performance is limited by the system's latency. Reducing the latency leads to an improved dynamic stiffness of the actuator, and thus to a broader range of applications. Therefore, this paper introduces a study that aims to improve a novel linear electromagnetic actuator used in optics manufacturing. To analyze the latency, a testbed consisting of an electromagnet, a rapid DC current controller, and a real-time prototyping system is built. The latency of individual components is determined, and pertinent factors are identified. By integrating position and current controls, the latency is reduced by more than 75%. Thereby the dynamic stiffness of the magnets is increased.

Institute of Production Engineering and Machine Tools
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