PhoenixD bei SommerUNI 2019 dabei

PhoenixD present at SommerUNI 2019

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Prof. Dr Uwe Morgner will speak on 26 August 2019 about digitalization in optical research.

The new Excellence Cluster PhoenixD of Leibniz University is conducting current research in digital optics. This research also includes the use of computer technology for optical simulation, i.e. for predicting the function of optical systems. However, modern manufacturing methods such as 3D printing are also used, for example, to produce lens arrangements flexibly and individually.

Prof. Dr Uwe Morgner, the spokesman of the PhoenixD board, gives in his lecture "Digitalization in Optical Research" insights into fundamental and current trends in optics research using small experiments. The lecture will take place in the "Grosser Physiksaal" (E 214), Welfengarten 1, from 18.30 to 20 o'clock. You need to register for the event. The entrance fee is 10 Euro. The lecture will be held in German.