10.00 UhrRegistrierung der TeilnehmerFoyer
Session I: Future Optics
11.00 Uhr Uwe Morgner PhoenixDWelcome incl. Talk "The Cluster of Excellence Phoenix D" Auditorium
11.30 UhrSabine LudwigsUniversity of StuttgartBioinspired Multifuncional Polymer Films for Polymer Electronics Applications Auditorium
12.00 UhrJürgen PoppFriedrich-Schiller-University Jena Auditorium
12.30 Uhr Lunch breakBall Room
Session II: Applications
13.30 Uhr Guido VoitBASF New Business GmbHBusiness building under UncertaintyAuditorium
14.00 UhrKlaus BollerUniversity of TwenteIntegrated Optics Using Low-Loss Silicon Nitride Glass Waveguides Auditorium
14.30 UhrLutz RissingHeidenhain GmbHIntegrated Optic Application @Heidenhain Auditorium
15.00 UhrCoffee Break and Poster SessionFoyer
Opening Addresses
16.00 Uhr Uwe MorgnerPhoenixDWelcome
16:05 UhrBjörn ThümlerMinister for Science and Culture of Lower SaxonyOfficial Greeting Auditorium
16.15 Uhr Volker EppingPresident of Leibniz University Hannover Official Greeting Auditorium
16.25Wolfgang KowalskyPhoenixDIntroduction
Keynote Lecture
16.45Karl EbelingUniversity of UlmPhotonics for Mass Applications: Highlights, Trends, VisionsAuditorium
17.30 UhrClosing Remarks
17.30 Poster SessionFoyer
18.30Change to the Ball Room on 1st Floor
19.00Symposium DinnerBall Room
22.00End of first Conference Day


08.00 UhrRegistration openFoyer
Session III: Materials 1
09.00 Uhr Kilwon ChoPohang University of Science and TechnologyMolecular Orientation Dependent Photon Harvesting and Exciton Dissociation in Organic Solar CellsAuditorium
9:30 UhrMichelle SanderBoston UniversityPhotothermal Material Interactions and Infrared ImagingAuditorium
10.00 Uhr Coffee Break and Poster-SessionFoyer
Session IV: Metrology
10.30 UhrLuc BergéCommissariat à l'Energie, Atomique et aux Energies AlternativesFrom Laser Filamentation to Terahertz Pulse Generation: Principles and ApplicationsAuditorium
11.00 UhrMichèle HeursLeibniz University HannoverGravitational waves in a new light Auditorium
11.30 UhrVolker PapeViscom AGOptical Inspection Examples – always the best Compromise Auditorium
12.00 UhrLunch BreakBall Room
Session V: Materials 2
13.00 Uhr Henning RiechertPaul-Drude-Institut für Festkörperelektronik, BerlinSemiconductor Nanotructures for Light Emission - some Examples for Versatility and Tunability Auditorium
13.30 UhrLiberato MannaInstituto Italiano di TechnologiaHalide Perovskite Nanocrystals: Their Synthesis, Chemical, Structural, and Surface Transformations Auditorium
14.00 UhrArjan HoutepenTechnical University DelftElectrochemical Control over the Optical Properties of Semiconductor Nanomaterials Auditorium
14.30 UhrCoffee Break and Poster-SessionFoyer
Session VI: Fabrication
15.00 UhrPeter Loosen RWTH AachenLaser-based Production of Innovative Optical Systems and ComponentsAuditorium
15.30 UhrKai ExnerBASF New Business GmbHFrom Materials to Devices to Markets
16.00 UhrStefan KaierleLaser Zentrum Hannover e.V.Additive Manufacturing Tackling new Egineering Challenges in Optics and Photonics
16.30 End of Symposium
Konferenzsprache ist Englisch.